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Hyakuri Airshow 2018

... did fly from main airbases up in Northern Chitose down to Naha on Okinawa and protected the Japanese airspace. 154 airframes were in service, 96 out of them were upgraded to the F-4EJ Kai standard at the ...

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

... one after the other. Some jets did not land at once, but took the chance to perform several passes over the airfield. Most likely those have been either last flights of the aircrew, that airframe, or even ...

Duxford Flying Legends 2018

... The Republic P-47D “Nellie” is well known at Duxford, as the airframe was last present at the show in 2006, but that time with big invasion stripes and “No Guts No Glory” markings on the nose. After its ...

Bell Cobra Flight

...  P-63A Kingcobra Based on a photograph from December 1945 showing that very same airframe wearing serial 42-68941 at Moffett Field, California, the CAF Dixie Wing wisely decided to also put the striking ...

Bücker Bü133 Jungmeister

... ungmeister was based in Switzerland, where Bücker biplanes were also licence-build. That particular airframe was build in 1940 at the Dornier factory at Altenrhein as C/N 28 and saw service in the Swiss ...

Manching WTD61

... howcasing recent high tech developments and former technologies in the two main hangars. airshows/15_wtd61/static airshows/15_wtd61/static2 Decommissioned airframes still belonging to the training  ...

A-7 Corsair II Retirement

... end to the A-7H, which nevertheless remained in service until March 2007, when all the surviving airframes were put into storage at Arxos and only the A-7Es continued to operate with 335 and 336 Mira. ...

Corsairs and Phantoms

... ial reconnaissance. Operations are already in full swing and on par with those of the well lined-up Corsairs, but comparing the airframes, maintenance and operations one can easily recognize the age differ ...

Israeli Spitfire

... ame President of the State of Israel in 1993. The history of this specific airframe can be traced back as follows: In the light of the phasing out the sale of 30 aircraft to Burma, today's Myanmar, was init ...

I-16 "Ishak"

... il August 2008 around only 44hrs were flown on the airframe. After being sold to Thomas Jülch in Germany the aircraft arrived there on February, 9th 2009 and undertook its first flight in Europe on Ma ...

Aero India 2011

... ts "International Roadmap" modifications of the Super Hornet airframe to the public for the first time using mock-ups of CFTs, the weapons pod and sensors on a real aircraft. Apart from that Ricardo Tr ...

Aviasvit XXI

... that the airframe is still good today to be modified for future use: airshows/10_aviasvit/an2 airshows/10_aviasvit/an3t Apart from the above mentioned aircraft mainly some general aviation types were  ...

BoB Evening Display

... t is hard to imagine that is now more than 100 years ago that someone build this wooden airframe, which is still flying along the whole runway length, and each landing was a thrilling moment. And with the Deperd ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... with several other spots around the airframe commemorating the different aircraft that the squadron flew in its history. airshows/09_tsuiki/f-2sc airshows/09_tsuiki/static For the afternoon a ...

Polish AF

... 28TD and TS-11 aircraft also the Mi-2, W-3 and SW-4 helicopter for pilot training. It is also home of technical school that is equipped with several instructional airframes.   The Mi-2 helicopters are al ...

Israel Base Visits

...  the next few days, who wanted to show us a Noratlas nearby the airport for the beginning. Unfortunately the airframe had dissappeared during the last months and there was no indicastion where it coul ...

Meeting La Ferte-Alais

... display: the Spitfire Ltd. Hispano HA-1112-M1L Buchon from Duxford. Together with the German Bf 109 G-6 a nice these two airframes offered a nice comparison in the air and on the ground.   the mighty  ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... - ---- ---- ---- Fly-Out Update: on March, 9th 2006 six Mitsubishi F-1 took off from Tsuiki airbase for the last time shortly before reaching 4000 flight hours on the respective airframes. Wi ...

Aircraft Spotting in Japan

... Fly-Out Update: on March, 9th 2006 six Mitsubishi F-1 took off from Tsuiki airbase for the last time shortly before reaching 4000 flight hours on the respective airframes. With their landing the nearl ...

CIAF 2006

... up with a rare and surprisingly big presence: solo displays of MiG-29, Mi-24 and L-39! In addition the MiG in the flying display was also one in the static display, and both of them represented airframes ...
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18 Hyakuri Show 1812 5433

Hyakuri Airshow 2018

Ten (R)F-4EJ Phantoms lined up in front of the crowd was a sight to behold! The Hyakuri Airshow 2018 was the last ever opportunity to see such a large number of mighty Phantoms in action as JASDF Phantom operations will dwindle down rapidly in the Read More
18 BIAS 1807 5686

Bucharest International Air Show 2018 - BIAS

It’s free, it’s fun, and it is a day packed with a nearly 12 hour long lasting flying display. The Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS 2018) is the largest air show in Romania and took place on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at Bucharest International Airport Read More
19  1902 9364

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

Nine GR4 Tornados with their wings swept to 25° flying overhead in a close diamond nine formation was a sight to behold! The Royal Air  Force bid farewell to its Tornado Force in style at RAF Marham on 28th February 2019. Read More
17 Gifu 1711 508701

JASDF Gifu Airshow 2017

Back in 1917 Kakamigahara airfield was used as an army airfield and a airship landing site. Today it is named Gifu, and is the home of the JASDF Flight Test Centre ADTW (Air Development and Test Wing). 2017 thus saw this wing’s home airfield centenary Read More
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