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Hahnweide OTT 2019

... e parked on the far side of the airfield. As it is already late summer or even early autumn at this time of the year, morning mist usually hangs around the airfield. Strolling around all those aircraft giv ...

Hyakuri Airshow 2018

... at the end of March 2019, though their flying activity already ended at the beginning of that month. The jet specially painted in white to mark that occasion was already presented in autumn 2018 to bid ...

Tsuiki Airshow 2018

...  It was well worth attending this 2018 Tsuiki Airshow ,and rarely I have had such nice days. With the families day on Saturday already blessed with gorgeous autumn weather and a deep blue sky, the sho ...

Tsuiki Airshow 2017

... noticed by the photos, the sky remained in an unfavorable grey throughout the day. Whereas autumn can give a great light all around Japan, weather around that time can also be difficult in that part of ...

Cessna O-1E "Bird Dog" Vietnam Observer

... ed in the photoflight! Flying around the autumn-coloured trees around the Teck castle gave an impression of what it must have been to see this aircraft in its former role. More nice reads on the O-1E B ...

High Performance Glider - DG-800S

... e last warm and sunny autumn week-ends was used to circle around clouds in formation. Thanks to Andi and Sven for taking me up, this will be repeated for sure. Stay tuned!  ...

Luftwaffe Bücker Bü133 Jungmeister

Doing air-air with classic aircraft from the 1930s is always a pleasure, even more so if it is an immaculately restored Bücker Bü 133 Jungmeister on a nice autumn Sunday morning. The Jungmeister D-EMKP “ ...

Bücker Bü131 / Tatra T-131 Jungmann OE-APY

... er flying pleasure. Where? above Bavaria, Germany When? Autumn 2015 air2air/15_t131/1 The aircraft itself is a design of the 1930s, but should by far not being counted belonging on the scrap he ...

JASDF 60th Anniversary

... spring or autumn are the preferred travel season to Japan. The climate is then bearable again, and especially in autumn the red and yellow colors of the trees transform the landscape into nice paintings. ...

Gifu Airshow

November 23rd, Kakamigahara area, Japan. On this beautiful autumn afternoon the calm winds blows and lightens the trees from their autumn colored leaves. Families are sitting in the park with their children ...

Korea / Japan

... . The kilometre-long traffic jams leading back towards the city made it easy to guess that many people spent that beautiful day North of the city in the mountains enjoying the Autumn colours and some fres ...

Japan & China 2010

...  just realized how steep the steps were for climbing up that mountain! And of course the fantastic Autumn colours were not to be missed: special/10_asien/072 The rest of the day was less spectac ...

Japan 2008 Trip

... heless the drive down from Kirishima to Kagoshima was very nice, with the forest remembering the colourful autumn back home some months earlier. Kagoshima airport would have offered excellent photo posit ...

JG74 Neuburg

... g mission. Dawn Phantoms at Neuburg ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ ------ On a second visit later in autumn that year the Eurofighters were al ...

USA South West

... e Sands National Monument. Whereas the outside temperatures and the strong sun let us feel the warmth of a late autumn day, the emotion induced by the eye was more the one of a cold winter day. That was ...

Aircraft Spotting in Japan

... helped to motivate two good friends, Florian and Patrick, to come with me on the trip as well. As the autumn is generally regarded as the best travelling season in Japan due to convienient temperatures ...

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19  1909 5656

Air Legend 2019

"Air Legend" at the Melun-Villaroche airfield in the South of Paris is a new airshow establishing itself firmly on the European circuit. The second edition in 2019 focused on Cold War jets and succeeded with a well balanced mix of those Cold War warriors, warbirds Read More
19 Hahnweide19 1909 9664

Hahnweide OTT 2019

2019 saw the 19th edition of the Oldtimer Fliegertreffen Hahnweide. You may also call it a fly-in, a pilot meeting or a warbird airshow, and with around 400 participating aircraft it is arguably Germany’s biggest aviation event. It is an avgeek festival, and an aviation Read More
18 Radom 1808 6835

Radom Airshow 2018

Radom Airshow 2018 had the Polish Air Force’s 100th anniversary as a main theme. Concluding from past events the expectations were very high, and the event attracted highlights such as the Ukrainian Suchoi Su-27 Flanker or the JF-17 from Pakistan for the flying display. In Read More
19  1908 0740

Taiwan Planespotting

This was another plane spotting trip to Taiwan. Even though it has a vivid aviation photography scene, it’s tropical climate and a military on high alert do not make it an easy country to pursue this hobby. With the aim to photograph some aircraft of Read More
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