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Meiringen WK 2017

... lying the F-5 Tiger II. Contrary to F/A-18 Hornet pilots the Tiger pilots are not military personnel, but hold down a civil job that is not mandatory aviation-related. During a repetition course they f ...

Africa Aerospace & Defence 2014

... tickets visitors. On these two days the Saturday was by far the better choice with more flying and great weather. Contrary to this Sunday morning started very different with a very cold wind and freezing ...

CAF Airsho 2014

... audience, always using a lot of much smoke and fireworks. airshows/14_airsho/tora airshows/14_airsho/tora2 Further highlights were however quite rare, because contrary to the announcements on the ...

ILA Berlin 2014

...  event at Berlin has a hard struggle amongst this competition, though organizers and exhibitors were happy about this year's event. Where? Berlin, Germany When? 24/05/2014 Contrary to previous even ...

Zhuhai 2012

... s the J-8, JH-7 or the K-8 trainer are not seen everyday. airshows/12_zhuhai/static airshows/12_zhuhai/so1 Contrary to 2010 however the historic collection did not participate in the flying progra ...

Israeli Spitfire

... ective, Dedi still prefers to fly the Spitfire. Contrary to many other aircraft the Spitfire has a soul and "you feel the wings of history when sitting in this aircraft". Thus 64 years after its arrival  ...

Korea / Japan

... eme on the dark blue helicopter, but it presented very well its both sides of the scheme. special/11_korea/23  special/11_korea/26 Contrary to this the weather was better for the E-767 and how o ...

Hamamatsu Airshow

... helicopter, but it presented very well its both sides of the scheme. special/11_korea/23  special/11_korea/26 Contrary to this the weather was better for the E-767 and how often do you to see a 767 ...

Flying Legends

... by 4 P-51D Mustangs and two TF-51, however the most welcomed view was to see the B-17 "Sally B" in the air again. Furthermore they have been enforced by a P-40N Kittyhawk. Contrary to this the 'Luftwaf ...

Japan 2008 Trip

...  ---- ---- ---- Tokyo by night - Pachinko hall - Narita airport ---- ---- ---- And that was it, Japan 2008 is over. I hope you've enjoyed the trip, in contrary to last ti ...

Planespotting Tour Japan 2008

... d several times to excuse for this. When we finally got on-board the B767-300, we saw that the aircraft was nearly full, but the seat pitch was, contrary to what we have expected, really comfortabl ...

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18 SIAF 1808 8610

Slovak International Air Fest - SIAF 2018

Travelling to countries operating the MiG-29 is usually a safe bet to see this great looking jet from the Soviet-era in the air. This was also true for the Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) at Sliac, Slovakia. But the SIAF airshow was also a clear Read More
18 Tsuiki Airshow 1811 5912

Tsuiki Airshow 2018

The Tsuiki airshow 2018 was a blast! After some visits to this show two important things for a successful event came together that year: great flying and nice weather. As the weather can get nasty at the end of November on the Southern Japanese island Read More
WoH17 1710 3336

Wings over Houston Airshow

Wings over Houston 2017 was an awesome airshow! Plenty of warbirds, a Messerschmitt Me 262, jets from the Vietnam era, amongst them the venerable F-4D Phantom II, made up for a great program. This great mix on show at Ellington Airport in the South of Read More
Shuttleworth 1807 0872

Shuttleworth Evening Display

Flying displays at the Shuttleworth Collection really are classic events. This is even more valid for their evening displays that usually provide a well balanced selection of the Collection’s extensive collection presented in the last hours of sunlight. And with the wind being mostly calm Read More
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