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Bell P-63 P-39 Cobra Flight

...  P-63A Kingcobra Based on a photograph from December 1945 showing that very same airframe wearing serial 42-68941 at Moffett Field, California, the CAF Dixie Wing wisely decided to also put the striking ...

LTG61 Penzing Farewell

...  refueling from an A310MRTT, Tornados performing in their ground attack role as well as the Airbus A400M transport aircraft. Due to a perfect spotter day your reporter decided that this was an excellen ...

Hyakuri Airshow 2015

PHANTOM PHESTIVAL! - The Hyakuri airshow 2015 , or „žAir Festa“€œ if using the Japanese term, was celebrated on October, 25th. On the same day the JASDF also decided to hold airshows at the Gifu flight ...

SIAF 2015

...  Friday, but obviously had a defect, as it also dropped out of the schedule for the solo display in the afternoon. Quite a shame, but Saab decided only to arrive with one twin-seater and did not bring  ...

Waddington Airshow

... as in the early days there were many different jet teams within the RAF on different types. In 1964 the Royal Air Force thus decided to amalgamate all these teams into one, premier unit, the Red Arrows.  ...

Nyutabaru Air Festa 2012

...  that I decided for an early departure. In the end this was the right move as the displays in the afternoon got completely cancelled while I was already onboard and ANA B787 heading towards Tokyo. Luckil ...

Florennes Airshow

... Storch, Trojan, T-6 or the MS406. However they were flown far away from the crowdline, and as I have seen most of them just recently at La Ferté I decided not to take any photos of them. airshows/12_florennes/static ...

SIAF 2011

... 2pm, but for many visitors the airshow was finished and they decided to leave after having once again seen their "local heroes", the MiG-29s. And the high temperatures on Saturday have certainly also contr ...

Yeovilton Airday

... at Duxford and decided to give Yeovilton only a go for the fly-in on the Friday before the show. Fortunately Friday was also used twice for the role demonstration of the Royal Navy showing off its Sea ...

Japan & China 2010

... en and at 5,5hrs (for 250km...). I decided to for the second proposal and a truck driver that was leading me at times with around 100km/h on the rural roads was quite good to arrive at our destination a bit  ...

CIAF 2010

... d by anybody, so everybody winced when it whizzed by for the start. Unfortunately the weather during this display was not very good during my visit, so I decided not to take too many photos of it. Some p ...

Japan December 2009

... or sure the hot bath before going to bed was priceless after this long trip! Tsuiki Airshow I decided to get up early the next day as rumours said that the rehearsal display for the next day's Air ...

Japan March 2009

... till accessible, though some of the workers did somehow not appreciate our presence. But as no one approached us we decided to stay there and wait for the take-offs. "e did not have to wait too long until ...

Japan 2008 Trip

...  not make any sense and we thus decided to check in and have a sushi before getting on-board the ANA B767 to Fukuoka. some photos taken at Haneda ---- ---- ---- ----  ...

Naha Air Show

... the apron was loooooooong. Preparations for the flying took already place just in front of the crowdline and we decided to stay there and get a good place close to the action with a nice view to the ...

Nyutabaru Air Show

... any time it willl take, and so on… But somehow after a lot of thinking we decided to get two hot coffees from the nearby dispenser, grab our stuff and walk to the gate. On our way we saw the sunrise and ...

Planespotting Tour Japan 2008

... Okinawa "Phantom Pharewell". Shortly after my trip in 2005 I decided never to come back to Japan again. Never ever... The reason for this lay mainly in navigation difficulties (to find a place t ...

Czech Yak-11

The Yak-11 was the trainer aircraft for all pilots of the Warsaw Pact states from the 1950s up to the 1970s. To free up production capacity for other aircraft Russia decided to outsource the manufacturing ...

Jacqueline Cochran Airshow

... aw most of them the day before as well as the US Navy Legacy and the USAF Heritage Flight the day before and the sun was moving in a very bad back light position we decided to leave early and use this Satur ...

USA South West

... Tucson, but decided to stop shortly before sunset at the airport of Las Cruces, which was a good decision, as we saw some white/orange T-34s circling around the airfield. To our big surprise the ramp of th ...
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18 Hyakuri Show 1812 5433

Hyakuri Airshow 2018

Ten (R)F-4EJ Phantoms lined up in front of the crowd was a sight to behold! The Hyakuri Airshow 2018 was the last ever opportunity to see such a large number of mighty Phantoms in action as JASDF Phantom operations will dwindle down rapidly in the Read More
18 BIAS 1807 5686

Bucharest International Air Show 2018 - BIAS

It’s free, it’s fun, and it is a day packed with a nearly 12 hour long lasting flying display. The Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS 2018) is the largest air show in Romania and took place on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at Bucharest International Airport Read More
19  1902 9364

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

Nine GR4 Tornados with their wings swept to 25° flying overhead in a close diamond nine formation was a sight to behold! The Royal Air  Force bid farewell to its Tornado Force in style at RAF Marham on 28th February 2019. Read More
17 Gifu 1711 508701

JASDF Gifu Airshow 2017

Back in 1917 Kakamigahara airfield was used as an army airfield and a airship landing site. Today it is named Gifu, and is the home of the JASDF Flight Test Centre ADTW (Air Development and Test Wing). 2017 thus saw this wing’s home airfield centenary Read More
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