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Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

...  RAF Tornado GR.4 Commemorative Schemes The main farewell scheme of RAF Marham has been a tribute to the Tornado‘s first camouflage in RAF service, the distinctive dark green and dark grey scheme that ...

JASDF Gifu Airshow 2017

... . As photographing them against a grey and dull sky from the outside, which is the preferred place to get some nice photos of the flying display, was not worth it, getting on the airshow ground was a viab ...

Tsuiki Airshow 2018

... it was pretty obvious which one of the two is the nicer looking aircraft. And this was not only for a cool two-blue camouflage compared to an overall dull grey paint scheme. airshows/18_tsuiki/photogs3,width=260,height=300,gap_h=11,gap_v=10 ...

Tsuiki Airshow 2017

... noticed by the photos, the sky remained in an unfavorable grey throughout the day. Whereas autumn can give a great light all around Japan, weather around that time can also be difficult in that part of ...

Shuttleworth - Fly Navy!

... and they even changed their colour from blue to grey at the beginning of the flying display. airshows/17_shuttleworth/bbmf The highlight towards the end of the flying display was of course the big ...

Hyakuri Airshow 2015

... nicely on the ground, even allowing an angle on all three Phantom camouflages at Hyakuri: a grey 302 Hikotai F-4EJ with the Eagle on its tail, and three „€žWoody Woodpecker“€œ Reece Phantoms of 501 Hikotai: ...

NATO Days Ostrava

... was clearly visible against the grey clouds. airshows/15_ostrava/ramex airshows/15_ostrava/ramex2 airshows/15_ostrava/zeus airshows/15_ostrava/zeus2 While the Slovak Air Force’s MiG-29 are still ...

Bangladesh Specials

... ons are painted in a grey scheme. Apart from these Chinese MiG-21 variants there is still the 8th Squadron - Vigilance Valour Victory, operating the MiG-29 and MiG-29UB. special/13_bd/f7ge1 special/13_bd/f7ge sp ...

Gifu Airshow

... the first Phantom to be delivered to the JASDF, serial 17-8301, and it was painted in a special gull grey retro scheme to celebrate the JASDF 60th anniversary. This scheme was worn by the first Japanese ...

Flying Legends Duxford 2014

... enough warbirds to fill two or even more great warbird shows on any airfield in 'continental Europe'. But Stephen Grey and his "The Fighter Collection" always make sure that there is additionally to the ...

Zhuhai 2012

... . Fortunately you cannot blame the weatherman, because apart from the opening day the weather at this year's airshow was dull and grey. But as a hazy sky is usually the order of the day, this has been  ...

Korea / Japan

...  their flight and the test was scheduled for midday. Another highlight was the chase aircraft for this flight, JMSDF's only UP-3C Orion, this one also being the only remaining Japanese Orion in the grey  ...

50 years JG74

... anniversary. The good news is that these markings are painted on and said to last for at least one year. airshows/11_neuburg/3048 airshows/11_neuburg/30481 Unfortunately the weather with a grey sky ...

Aero India 2011

... course the marvellous blue sky also literally the elegant shape of these aircraft in a good light.  airshows/11_aeroindia/rafale2  airshows/11_aeroindia/rafale Apart from the grey jets some displa ...

Japan & China 2010

... lag I headed of to Ozuki the next morning. 40km in one hour was a good average for Japanese roads, but the grey weather did not make me very optimistic. Arriving at Ozuki I saw 3 JMSDF T-5 trainers stan ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... o display was also 'blessed' with a grey sky as was the two-ship of the F-15J 'Igru'. The latter was very interesting with fly-bys over the crowd, tight turns around the static display area, thus not compar ...

Japan December 2009

... nately the weather did not change that much, but it wasn't raining. The flight activity was normal, however due to the overcast any display rehearsal was cancelled in the early morning and looking and  ...

Tsuiki Airshow

Loads of rain pouring down from a grey sky, that was the Tsuiki Airshow in 2005 – and unfortunately 2009 should not be that different. However the day started with a nice sunrise, the symbol of the Japanese ...

Japan March 2009

... ely grey at our arrival and it was even raining a bit, there was no need to have a look at the visitors deck and we directly started the smooth drive on the motorway. While going North the sky fortuna ...

Japan 2008 Trip

... e apron also proofed to be useful to some photos of the helicopters, but altogether it was nothing special: bad angle on the helicopters, no OH-6, and the new grey camouflaged SH-60J. YS-11 and JMSDF ...
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18 Pilsen 1809 8699

Otto Smik's Spitfire TE184

Nine Balkenkreuze and three silhouettes of the Fieseler Fi 103, aka „Vergeltungswaffe 1 (V1)“ as kill markings depict this Spitfire Mk.XVI as the personal plane of Otto Smik. Smik was one of the most successfully Czechoslovakian pilots in service of the RAF during WW II. Read More
18 Hyakuri Show 1812 5433

Hyakuri Airshow 2018

Ten (R)F-4EJ Phantoms lined up in front of the crowd was a sight to behold! The Hyakuri Airshow 2018 was the last ever opportunity to see such a large number of mighty Phantoms in action as JASDF Phantom operations will dwindle down rapidly in the Read More
18 BIAS 1807 5686

Bucharest International Air Show 2018 - BIAS

It’s free, it’s fun, and it is a day packed with a nearly 12 hour long lasting flying display. The Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS 2018) is the largest air show in Romania and took place on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at Bucharest International Airport Read More
19  1902 9364

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

Nine GR4 Tornados with their wings swept to 25° flying overhead in a close diamond nine formation was a sight to behold! The Royal Air  Force bid farewell to its Tornado Force in style at RAF Marham on 28th February 2019. Read More
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