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NATO Days Ostrava

...  NATO days was held, meaning the fly-in of a Mi-8 VIP transport helicopter, presence of the Czech AF A319 and a helicopter formation followed by a C296 with two L-159 along its wings. Unfortunately Gripen ...

90 years Czech Air Force

... was a fly-by of 2 Gripens and 3 ALCAs, followed by parachutists jumping out of a Mi-17. Gripen QRA take-off & opening formation flight ---- ---- ---- Czech AF helicopters & civil L-29  ...

CIAF 2008

... twice 3 L-159 and a three-ship of Gripens. On Sunday the fly-by was completed by the Airbus A319. Furthermore parachutists were jumping out of an An-26, but the aircraft was only seen high above the airfield, ...

Kecskemet Air Show

... iG-29s. ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- The final part was a 7-ship of their newly acquired Gripens, clearly presenting the high state of readiness of this  ...

CIAF 2006

... the QRA Gripens from Caslav escorted some of the visitors on their way to Brno and the military jets even did some fly-bys before coming in to land, which was very unusual in the years before. So the trip ...

CIAF 2005

...  with a fly-by of 3-ship formations of Czech Air Force (CzAF) helicopters and aircraft consisting of Mi-17, Mi-24, L-39, L-159 and Gripens. Two of the Gripens were even armed with Sidewinders depictin ...

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