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JASDF Gifu Airshow 2017

... n formation with an F-2 and an F-15. T-4s stayed on the ground, as did the F-4EJ Phantoms. This was the sign to leave early before the rest of the crowd, hit the road and avoid possible traffic jams.  ...

Shuttleworth Evening Display

... the other hand it provided a great opportunity to combine the attendance at any of these shows. With Shuttleworth being only a stone’s throw away from Duxford an early leave from the Flying Legends airshow ...

Tsuiki Airshow 2017

... of the JASDF’s aerobatic team Blue Impulse and only watched them from the outside. With the massive crowed on the apron it was better to leave early in order to avoid that most likely traffic jam when ...

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2016

... to larger average airshows the line-up of a dozen of P-51 Mustangs will leave one speechless. And looking for other warbirds just goes like: “You name it… you get it…” airshows/16_oshkosh/wwi airshows/16_oshkosh/wwii ...

G7 Summit

... Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and the United Nations, of which some arrived also with their own jets. These, however, escaped my camera. Maybe next time a 4-5 day leave would be better to get all of them. ...

Shuttleworth Pageant Airshow

... ot leave the UK for New Zealand, but will stay in Britain for the future with a newly founded The WW1 Aviation Heritage Trust (WAHT) "providing an enduring flying collection of World War I Allied and Ge ...

Gifu Airshow

November 23rd, Kakamigahara area, Japan. On this beautiful autumn afternoon the calm winds blows and lightens the trees from their autumn colored leaves. Families are sitting in the park with their children ...


... Wings offers users the possibility to leave individual comments on individual blog contributions on a blog, which is on the website of the controller. A blog is a web-based, publicly-accessible portal,  ...


...  8. Comments function in the blog on the website The Flying_Wings offers users the possibility to leave individual comments on individual blog contributions on a blog, which is on the website of the controll ...

WTD61 F-4F Phlyout

...  reasons. Until the very last day these trustworthy aircraft were used for numerous flight test tasks. As there is now real replacement their sudden end will leave a serious gap that has to be filled i ...

Hatzerim Airshow

... erim/raam2 And with its touch down the sun was gone and it was time to leave. Sitting in the bus and leaving the base it already was dark, with only the camera displays glowing of the many people revi ...

Osan Airpower Day 2011

... security measures did leave many people disappointed - mainly those who invested quite some efforts to come to South Korea to attend this event. Where? Osan AB, South Korea When? 29-30/10/2011 Bringing ...

SIAF 2011

... 2pm, but for many visitors the airshow was finished and they decided to leave after having once again seen their "local heroes", the MiG-29s. And the high temperatures on Saturday have certainly also contr ...

India 2011

... ime to leave and I flew North to Delhi as I had planned to visit the Taj Mahal. special/11_india/ban-del Some people describe the Taj Mahal as the world's greatest 'Love Monument', but that was not t ...

Japan & China 2010

... s missed and I had nothing more than to leave and wait for the landings. special/10_asien/04f15 special/10_asien/04f153 For the landings from the East it was interesting to discover that near the coffe ...

Göteborg Aero Show

... t and in the morning made the parking places a real battlefield and the organization did prove wisely to provide tractors already before everyone wanted to leave - and they were badly needed... Another  ...

Royal Jordanian Falcons Aerobatic Flight

... f season. Royal Jordanian Falcons Extra 300L air2air/10_rjf/1 Consisting of five pilots, all of them having a leave of around 3-4 years from their military jet pilot job, and four full time enginee ...

Japan December 2009

... _nyuta special/09_japan2/24_nyuta When the last F-15 finally touched down at the last rays of sunlight, it was also time for me to leave and head towards the Youth Hostel at Miyakonojo. special/09_japan2/2 ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... anniversary patches that were sold as a limited edition item. Queuing for them did not leave much time to head forth for the first items of the flight display, which was a rescue demo by a U-125A and ...

La Ferte-Alais

... "Flugzeug Classic", I will leave you alone with more photos and less text of the show. The Pioneers: Morane H ---- ---- ---- Blériot XI-2 ---- ---- ---- Blério ...
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18 Pilsen 1809 8699

Otto Smik's Spitfire TE184

Nine Balkenkreuze and three silhouettes of the Fieseler Fi 103, aka „Vergeltungswaffe 1 (V1)“ as kill markings depict this Spitfire Mk.XVI as the personal plane of Otto Smik. Smik was one of the most successfully Czechoslovakian pilots in service of the RAF during WW II. Read More
18 Hyakuri Show 1812 5433

Hyakuri Airshow 2018

Ten (R)F-4EJ Phantoms lined up in front of the crowd was a sight to behold! The Hyakuri Airshow 2018 was the last ever opportunity to see such a large number of mighty Phantoms in action as JASDF Phantom operations will dwindle down rapidly in the Read More
18 BIAS 1807 5686

Bucharest International Air Show 2018 - BIAS

It’s free, it’s fun, and it is a day packed with a nearly 12 hour long lasting flying display. The Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS 2018) is the largest air show in Romania and took place on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at Bucharest International Airport Read More
19  1902 9364

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

Nine GR4 Tornados with their wings swept to 25° flying overhead in a close diamond nine formation was a sight to behold! The Royal Air  Force bid farewell to its Tornado Force in style at RAF Marham on 28th February 2019. Read More
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