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Shuttleworth Evening Display

... and the Hawker Sea Hurricane opened the show, and was followed by the Miles Magister and the Desoutter. Typically for the air displays at Old Warden the aircraft were presented nice and low during excellent ...

Airpower Zeltweg - Airpower16

... rmation A major highlight was the ‘historic jet formation’, presenting all jet types the Austrian Air Force ever flew: De Havilland Vampire, Fouga CM.170 Magister, Saab 29 Tunnan, Saab 35 Draken, Saab 1 ...

Hatzerim Airshow

... leet and has in the meantime completely replaced the Tzukit, the venerable Fouga Magister - one of which however was still present in the static display. airshows/11_hatzerim/flyby airshows/11_hatzerim/f ...

Shuttleworth Mil. Pageant

... Miles Magister and the Percival Piston Provost. airshows/11_swmp/trainer1 airshows/11_swmp/trainer airshows/11_swmp/po2 The planned Vampire T11 had to be cancelled due to an engine change, but wa ...

Meeting du Centenaire

... h F-16 ---- ---- ---- Belgian F-16 ---- ---- ---- French Alpha Jet & Fouga Magister ---- ---- ---- some more flying: Morane, PAF Alpha Jef, USA ...

Shuttleworth Evening Air Display

... 35, Bücker Bestmann and Jungmeister ---- ---- ---- The British 1940s era was represented by a DHC-1 Chipmunk, two Miles Magister and a very colourful Tiger Moth circling around the  ...

Israel Base Visits

... e Vampire or an Egyptian MiG-21 were my personal highlights there. In the far distance Tzukits (IAI license built version of the Fouga Magister) were flying around with young IDF pilots on the control ...

50 Jahre WTD61

...  security reasons. But their T-6 and Fouga Magister were some nice additions in the air as well, as they also carry Luftwaffe colours and markings. Messerschmitt Bf 109 ---- ---- ---- ---- Mes ...

Aerosalon Le Bourget

... ” marked Fouga Magister that flew its display somewhere far away – seemingly on another airshow… - but not for the crowd at Le Bourget. And it even got the longest slot for doing so, even more than the A3 ...

Colmar Open Doors

... ft that were flying during and after the war with the French Air Force. Those aircraft were a Curtis Hawk or a Yak-3 and Yak-11, but also de Havilland Vampires and a Fouga Magister were on static and in  ...


... - ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- ---- - Bf109 G-4, Fouga Magister ---- ---- ---- ---- best of the rest ---- ---- ---- -- ...

Reims Open Doors

... . That particular display consisted only of several fly-bys, but with the Mirage IV phase-out early next year that was one of the last chances to see this mighty Mirage fly. Further displays were the usual Ma ...

Colman BA132 Open Doors

... a lot of historic aircraft, most of them having done their service within the French Air Force. Spitfire, Bearcat, Hellcat, Venom, Fouga Magister, to name some of them.This presentations were followed ...

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18 Radom 1808 6835

Radom Airshow 2018

Radom Airshow 2018 had the Polish Air Force’s 100th anniversary as a main theme. Concluding from past events the expectations were very high, and the event attracted highlights such as the Ukrainian Suchoi Su-27 Flanker or the JF-17 from Pakistan for the flying display. In Read More
19  1908 0740

Taiwan Planespotting

This was another plane spotting trip to Taiwan. Even though it has a vivid aviation photography scene, it’s tropical climate and a military on high alert do not make it an easy country to pursue this hobby. With the aim to photograph some aircraft of Read More
19 BAF 1905 4410

Dark Falcon - Belgian F-16 Demo Team

10.000ft above Belgium the howling sound of the Lockheed Martin’s F-16AM Fighting Falcon F100 jet engine could clearly be heard. No wonder, as the Demo Pilot for the Belgian Air Force, Sr. Cpt Darte, callsign „Vador“, knows how to place his jet only meters behind Read More
18 Pilsen 1809 8264

Pilsen Air Show

This airshow was held to celebrate 100 years of aviation in Pilsen / Plzeň. Even though this fourth most populous city in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, is undeniably better known for the type of blond lager beer to which the city gave its name, it also Read More
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