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Radom Airshow 2018

...  for the large number of display teams such as the Freue Tricolori, Patrulla Aguilla, Midnight Hawks and the Patrouille Suisse which were not able to present their skills under those weather conditions ...

SIAF Airshow 2016 Sliac

... Air Force the main highlights were the Ukrainian Su-27 Flanker, Romanian MiG-21 LanceR and the Spanish display team Patrulla Aguilla. Already the arrival of the Ukrainian participants was rather cool when ...

Airpower Zeltweg - Airpower16

... robatic and Display Teams Furthermore five display teams were present at Zeltweg: the Spanish Patrulla Aguilla, the Swiss PC-7 Team, the Italian Frecce Tricolori, Patrouille de France and the Team Orl ...

Waddington Airshow

...  before the show. Also in this year the Spanish Air Force helicopter team „Patrulla ASPA“ did have its first visit to the UK at Waddington, and so came also a special painted Slovak AF L-39 to Lincolnshire ...

SIAF 2013

... ing the Spanish "Patrulla Aguila" for the first time and the Polish Su-22 Fitter display team. And of course there was the Ukrainian participation this year, bringing a An-24, Su-25 Frogfoot and Su-27 Fl ...

Air Show Turkiye

... lle de France and the Spanish Patrulla Aguilla. airshows/11_izmir/aguilla airshows/11_izmir/frecce airshows/11_izmir/iskra airshows/11_izmir/pdf airshows/11_izmir/reds airshows/11_izmir/storm Ano ...

Meeting du Centenaire

...  have been invited to the show additionally to the French regulars Patrouille de France and the civil Breitling Jet Team: Red Arrows, Patrulla Aguilla, Royal Jordanian Falcons or the Asas de Portugal. I ...

Colmar Open Doors

... ent photos to be taken were those of the very impressive line-up for the flight display. That consisted of around 40-50 aircraft which is no wonder with 3 display teams: the Patrouille de France, Patr ...

Archangel 2005

... y well known European acts on the ground and in the air. Sometimes a bit boring to us the Greek were very pleased to see the Patrulla Aguilla or the Frecce Tricolori, and the displays like the one of t ...

RDAF Airshow 2005

...  the jets took over with presentations by Belgian, Dutch and Danish F-16s, the Hungarian MiG-29UB and a Swedish AF Saab Gripen. Furthermore the PC-7, Patrouille Suisse, Patrulla Aguilla and Frecce Tricolor ...


...  Patrulla Aguilla ---- ---- ---- ---- Red Arrows ---- ---- ---- ---- Asas de Portugal ---- ---- ---- ---- Frecce Tricolori  ...

AirPower 2003

...  ---- ---- Patrouille de France ---- ---- ---- ---- Patrouille Suisse ---- ---- ---- ---- Frecce Tricolori ---- ---- ---- ---- Patrulla ...

Open Dagen 2003

... f and fly-by by 2 F-15E Strike Eagles which came back after about one hour. Afterwards came same small trainers like the Hawk followed by a first display team, the Patrulla Aguilla from Spain and a jet ...

SIAD 2002

...  ---- ---- L-39 & Galeb ---- ---- ---- ---- Frecce Tricolori ---- ---- ---- ---- Patruille de France ---- ---- ---- ---- Patrulla A ...

Air04 Payerne

... - ---- ---- ---- Frecce Tricolori ---- ---- ---- ---- Team 60 ---- ---- ---- ---- Patrulla Aguilla ---- ---- ---- ---- -- ...

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18 Radom 1808 6835

Radom Airshow 2018

Radom Airshow 2018 had the Polish Air Force’s 100th anniversary as a main theme. Concluding from past events the expectations were very high, and the event attracted highlights such as the Ukrainian Suchoi Su-27 Flanker or the JF-17 from Pakistan for the flying display. In Read More
19  1908 0740

Taiwan Planespotting

This was another plane spotting trip to Taiwan. Even though it has a vivid aviation photography scene, it’s tropical climate and a military on high alert do not make it an easy country to pursue this hobby. With the aim to photograph some aircraft of Read More
19 BAF 1905 4410

Dark Falcon - Belgian F-16 Demo Team

10.000ft above Belgium the howling sound of the Lockheed Martin’s F-16AM Fighting Falcon F100 jet engine could clearly be heard. No wonder, as the Demo Pilot for the Belgian Air Force, Sr. Cpt Darte, callsign „Vador“, knows how to place his jet only meters behind Read More
18 Pilsen 1809 8264

Pilsen Air Show

This airshow was held to celebrate 100 years of aviation in Pilsen / Plzeň. Even though this fourth most populous city in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, is undeniably better known for the type of blond lager beer to which the city gave its name, it also Read More
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