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Shuttleworth Evening Display

...  place with the last rays of sun and sunset was at around 9pm15, the gap in between was bridged by the Provost and the Eon Primary SG.38 glider, which must be really adventures to fly as a completely ope ...

Aero India 2011

...  teams brought a lot of colour in the air. First and foremost the IAF Suryakiran (Sun Rays) Team, flying the HAL HJT-16 Kiran Mk.2 trainer aircraft. Their display does not need to hide away from those o ...

Japan & China 2010

... unday. special/10_asien/03f22 special/10_asien/03f151 special/10_asien/03t4 special/10_asien/03so After an exciting day that kept me quite busy I left with the last rays of sun heading to Ny ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... bs. The best thing of this demo were once again the take-off and landings of the participants, which finally caught some sunlight, so after my third time in Tsuiki I finally got some rays of sun and did ...

BoB Evening Display

...  Gladiator another bare metal skin shining that used the low sun to its full effect by nicely reflecting the by then golden rays. airshows/10_shuttleworth/spit airshows/10_shuttleworth/gladiator airshows/10_shuttleworth/hin ...

Japan December 2009

... _nyuta special/09_japan2/24_nyuta When the last F-15 finally touched down at the last rays of sunlight, it was also time for me to leave and head towards the Youth Hostel at Miyakonojo. special/09_japan2/2 ...

Edwards Flight Test Nation

...  wouldn't be tired after such a day, there were still some aircraft to discover at the on-base museum during the last rays of the day. Static Display: B-2 Stealth Bomber up & close ------ ---- ...

Japan 2008 Trip

... ime it willl take, and so on… But somehow after a lot of thinking we decided to get two hot coffees from the nearby dispenser, grab our stuff and walk to the gate. On our way we saw the sunrise and the  ...

Nyutabaru Air Show

... the first rays of sun felt comfortably warm in our freezing faces. As we arrived at the gate we obviously did not wonder that we were not the first ones to be there, and at around 7am the traffic jam a ...

Do-24 ATT Flying Boat

... our way back, while the last, and best, photos were shot, showing the golden illuminated flying boat floating upon a layer of white clouds. What a sight!! Catching the last rays of the sun air2air/do24/2 ...

Aircraft Spotting in Japan

...  afterwards nicely into the sun. Already at 7am we did found it and the sun was rising behind some trees. The first rays of warming sunlight felt really good, and even better was still the crowded ramp w ...

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18 Tsuiki Airshow 1811 5912

Tsuiki Airshow 2018

The Tsuiki airshow 2018 was a blast! After some visits to this show two important things for a successful event came together that year: great flying and nice weather. As the weather can get nasty at the end of November on the Southern Japanese island Read More
WoH17 1710 3336

Wings over Houston Airshow

Wings over Houston 2017 was an awesome airshow! Plenty of warbirds, a Messerschmitt Me 262, jets from the Vietnam era, amongst them the venerable F-4D Phantom II, made up for a great program. This great mix on show at Ellington Airport in the South of Read More
Shuttleworth 1807 0872

Shuttleworth Evening Display

Flying displays at the Shuttleworth Collection really are classic events. This is even more valid for their evening displays that usually provide a well balanced selection of the Collection’s extensive collection presented in the last hours of sunlight. And with the wind being mostly calm Read More
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AirPower Over Hampton Roads 2018

The “Air Power over Hampton Roads” airshow at the Joint Base Langley-Eustis was held on 19-20 May, 2018. It is one of the rare chances to visit an airshow at a base being home of the awesome F-22A Raptor. Also the 2018 edition was the Read More
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