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Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

... was scheduled for 28th February. airshows/19_Marham/Tornado3,width=260,height=300,gap_h=11,gap_v=10 Nicknamed „the Fin“ due to its large tail fin, or „Tonka“ by the RAF personnel, this remarkable swing-wing ...

Slovak International Air Fest - SIAF 2018

... announcement has been made: Slovakia is about to purchase 14 Lockheed Martin F-16C Block 70/72 "Fighting Falcon" aircraft. Delivery is scheduled to start in 2022, when the American jets will begin to replac ...

AirPower Over Hampton Roads 2018

... which was scheduled the same week-end, but saw all flying activities canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Unfortunately, bad luck also struck “Air Power over Hampton Roads”. Heavy thunderstorms ...

Shuttleworth - Fly Navy!

... flying days to the British naval aviation. This new concept received such a great feedback that „Fly Navy” was once again on the schedule this year. The flying display saw any aircraft taking part that ...

Oshkosh EAA Airventure 2017

...  airshows/17_oshkosh/exp Two B-29s flying at EAA Oshkosh Airventure! Due to a tight schedule your author unfortunately missed the airshow display during the week-end, which was supposedly stunning ...

Meiringen WK 2017

... tmospheric photos as well, but I preferred a sunny day for this trip to Switzerland. Links worth a visit if you are planning to go to Meiringen: The Air Force Website even includes a schedule for flying  ...

Hyakuri Airshow 2015

... strange to see such a tightened schedule in Japan. Your reporters choice fell on Hyakuri, where three Jet Squadrons flying two main jet types operate. Normally this is a safe bet for a nice flying program, ...

SIAF 2015

...  Friday, but obviously had a defect, as it also dropped out of the schedule for the solo display in the afternoon. Quite a shame, but Saab decided only to arrive with one twin-seater and did not bring  ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... after some drawbacks in recent years the team is again in full strength and was also scheduled for the Tsuiki airshow. In combination with the 60th anniversary of the JASDF in 2014 the airshow thus promised ...

A-7 Corsair II Retirement

...  and runway. Two flights of A-7s were scheduled for the day, with some F-16s filling up the gaps in-between. special/14_araxos/1 special/14_araxos/2 special/14_araxos/5 special/14_araxos/so1 special/14_araxos/1 ...

Farnborough Airshow

... 8 airshows/14_fia/airbus/ The big airshow featuring amongst others the Vulcan XH558 or the Red Arrows is scheduled for the public days during the week-end, and with the closeness to the runway and stunni ...

Taiwan Air Force

... ill uses the aged F-16A models, though they are scheduled to receive some proper avionic upgrades in the near future. Seeing the combat air patrol (CAP) flying with live AIM-7 Sparrow missiles was of co ...

Korea / Japan

...  their flight and the test was scheduled for midday. Another highlight was the chase aircraft for this flight, JMSDF's only UP-3C Orion, this one also being the only remaining Japanese Orion in the grey  ...

Osan Airpower Day 2011

... access to the show. Furthermore the show was scheduled until 5pm, however on Sunday the whole show area was closed from around 0330pm on for 'safety reasons'. Quite understandable as the ramp became 'ho ...

Shuttleworth Mil. Pageant

... n / Biggleswade, England When? 07/08/2011 This year's Pageant was scheduled for August, 7th and did promise very interesting visitors. Without anticipating the following report unfortunately the weat ...

Air Show Turkiye

...  Turkish Air Force presented themselves very open-minded and offered excellent opportunities and access on both days before and after the show. To ease the life of the photographers for example a sche ...

I-16 "Ishak"

... rom this flight were also published in Flying Legends Airshow Magazine 2010 Aircraft August 2010: "RED STAR OVER GERMANY" Air-to-air with Thomas Jülch’s wonderful Polikarpov I-16, scheduled to be ...

Japan & China 2010

... /03f21 special/10_asien/03so1 special/10_asien/03f15 special/10_asien/03f152 Towards the end of the day 4 F-2s also practised an air-air gunnery demo for the airshow which was on the schedule for  ...

Flying Legends

... yes, it was really hot with more than 30°C, and I have never experienced such a 'hot' show in Duxford. And hopefully some more TFC aircraft will take it to the air for next year's event, which is already ...

ILA 2010

... been appreciated by them as well. however a stringent flight test schedule made the early departure to Toulouse necessary. Breath taking were not only the bank angle with more than 110° during the flight ...
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18 Hyakuri Show 1812 5433

Hyakuri Airshow 2018

Ten (R)F-4EJ Phantoms lined up in front of the crowd was a sight to behold! The Hyakuri Airshow 2018 was the last ever opportunity to see such a large number of mighty Phantoms in action as JASDF Phantom operations will dwindle down rapidly in the Read More
18 BIAS 1807 5686

Bucharest International Air Show 2018 - BIAS

It’s free, it’s fun, and it is a day packed with a nearly 12 hour long lasting flying display. The Bucharest International Air Show (BIAS 2018) is the largest air show in Romania and took place on Saturday, July 28, 2018, at Bucharest International Airport Read More
19  1902 9364

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

Nine GR4 Tornados with their wings swept to 25° flying overhead in a close diamond nine formation was a sight to behold! The Royal Air  Force bid farewell to its Tornado Force in style at RAF Marham on 28th February 2019. Read More
17 Gifu 1711 508701

JASDF Gifu Airshow 2017

Back in 1917 Kakamigahara airfield was used as an army airfield and a airship landing site. Today it is named Gifu, and is the home of the JASDF Flight Test Centre ADTW (Air Development and Test Wing). 2017 thus saw this wing’s home airfield centenary Read More
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