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Tsuiki Airshow 2017

...  Maybe next time the sun will shine on the Tsuiki airshow again, the sunny shots presented in this report have been taken on the Saturday morning, when a smaller event for the base personal’s familie ...

Manching WTD61

... f WTD61! airshows/15_wtd61/preserved Note: photos have alsop been taken during the display training days, thus the better weather conditions on some shots or 97+77, which was not flying on the actual  ...

Bangladesh Specials

...  accordingly high as somehow in the end all these efforts should turn into some nice shots. It finally turned out not to be that difficult, however there were some new challenges day after day, and withou ...

JASDF 60th Anniversary

...  deck of the civil airport building offers a warm waiting room and the possible to get also some nice shots of civil traffic with the Hakusan mountain range in the background. Its peaks with a height o ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... to be along the first row in order to shoot the take-offs of the special marked jets for the opening formation fly-by. But you really had to rush to get these shots, and everybody did its best in order ...

Gifu Airshow

... happy. Constantly shooting directly into the sun if they attend the event. airshows/14_gifu/so2 The good shots are only possible from other locations. The approach is rather nice as all the planes ...

A-7 Corsair II Retirement

...  a souvenir stand selling numerous patches, T-Shirts, giveaways and – most important - it gave a last chance to be close to the action and get some nice shots all along the operational area and the taxiwa ...

ILA Berlin 2014

... he bad light / backlight situation on the new showground this was no missed opportunity to get some nice shots of those aircraft in the air, but somehow it would have felt good to see them flying. Suc ...

Kyushu Warriors

... s at the end of their training mission, but once you have seen them, you have seen them all. Personnally I ended up trying some panning shots, or saving frames on my camera on the second day... special/12_nyuta/F-1 ...

Nyutabaru Air Festa 2012

... gr airshows/12_nyuta/Aggr1 airshows/12_nyuta/F-15 With these shots safely stored away on the computer the show day got a lot more relaxed with a main focus on doing some shopping and enjoying the atmosphe ...

Taiwan Air Force

... hat were regularly met around the airfields, some decent spots were nevertheless found to get nice shots. special/12_taiwan/huaf5 special/12_taiwan/huaf16 special/12_taiwan/huaf162 Hualien in the  ...

NATO Days Ostrava

... ome space restrictions and the organizers really got a huge number of aircraft to the airfield, the fences around the aircraft made getting some nice shots nearly impossible. This was in particular a  ...

Aeromiting Batajnica

...  not the best ingredients for some nice shots. However, it all changed on Sunday afternoon when most of the participants taxied back towards the crowdline ... but at that time I was not on the airfiel ...

Korea / Japan

... ter on it was towed to a parking position on the apron, giving enough tome to get some shots while the sun sporadically came out. special/11_korea/121 Some special colour scheme filled more space on ...

Japan & China 2010

... up, just in time with the triple-A regiment that appeared and decided to set up their training camp just in our viewing line. So the desired shots of the Aggressors were spoiled... One big chance was th ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... t I did otherwise standing a bit more to the side in order to get some nice taxi shots of the participating aircraft. The masses of people at the show can be roughly estimated from the next photos: airshows/10_tsuiki/ ...

Japan December 2009

... nway were really bad due to all the trucks driving up and down as well as the new runway, which is slightly higher than the old one. I thus decided to try some taxi and landing shots and make the best o ...

Tsuiki Airshow

... an UH-60J. The sun was still out and finally provided some sunny shots of the darkblue helicopter, that I have been after for quite a long time now. The same goes for the JGSDF AH-1S Cobra, which followed ...

Japan March 2009

...  of them taking off. Though not the best shots, the sun was out at least and we got them from behind still with the afterburner on. the first sight at Hyakuri: JASDF Recce Phantoms ---- -- ...

Japan 2008 Trip

...  ---- ---- ---- So we rushed through the ground exhibition, photographed the F-4- and F-15-exhibition and get some shots of the aircraft parked along the fence line. This was quite go ...
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Pilsen Air Show

This airshow was held to celebrate 100 years of aviation in Pilsen / Plzeň. Even though this fourth most populous city in Western Bohemia, Czech Republic, is undeniably better known for the type of blond lager beer to which the city gave its name, it also Read More
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Wings over Houston 2018

Wings over Houston 2018 was headlined by the US Navy Blue Angels display team. With a big concentration of Commemorative Air Force (CAF) warbirds all around the oil-rich state of Texas the line-up of WW II airplanes was also strong. The most impressive airshow act Read More
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Otto Smik's Spitfire TE184

Nine Balkenkreuze and three silhouettes of the Fieseler Fi 103, aka „Vergeltungswaffe 1 (V1)“ as kill markings depict this Spitfire Mk.XVI as the personal plane of Otto Smik. Smik was one of the most successfully Czechoslovakian pilots in service of the RAF during WW II. Read More
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Hyakuri Airshow 2018

Ten (R)F-4EJ Phantoms lined up in front of the crowd was a sight to behold! The Hyakuri Airshow 2018 was the last ever opportunity to see such a large number of mighty Phantoms in action as JASDF Phantom operations will dwindle down rapidly in the Read More
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