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CoNA Oceana

... aybe I am still spoiled by the impressions when this show was done with the F-14 Tomcat... airshows/11_oceana/ap1 airshows/11_oceana/ap2 airshows/11_oceana/ap3 airshows/11_oceana/ap3 airshows/11_ocean ...

USA South West

...  of around 90 minutes, giving a short impression of this amazing place with over 4000 aircraft on place: It was really an amazing sight to see some famous aircraft like the F-14 Tomcat or even the B-1 bo ...

NAS Oceana / NS Norfolk

In the dawn of the Tomcat age, Oceana has become the Mekka of the F-14 fan community witht the airshow being the highlight of the year. NAS Ocena is the biggest airbase of the US Navy on the East coast located ...

Oceana Airshow

After the retirement of the Starfighter (see Pratica di Mare Airshow) one jet still to see was highon my list: the Gruman F-14 Tomcat, the last of the big fighters. When they have disappeard from the ...

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