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Pilsen Air Show

... some nice flying displays and lots of entertainment. A big and interesting part for the fans of warbirds of classic aviation was provided by the locally based “Classic Trainers” club ( ...

Tsuiki Airshow 2018

...  as a KC-767 air-air refueling tanker or a JMSDF P-3C maritime patrol aircraft were parked on the right side of the apron. On the left a handful of helicopters, trainers and fighter jets. The bigger transpor ...

EAA Airventure Oshkosh 2016

... bombers, trainers, and other historic airplanes that played key roles in the 20th century’s world conflicts. Many of the warbirds have been restored beyond their original glory and outfitted in the colorful ...

Gifu Airshow

... types belonging to the wing, thus mainly the (X)F-2, F-15 and F-4, with the T-7 and T-4 trainers participating as well. Several formations were flown, and the time in-between the formation changes was ...

Shuttleworth Mil. Pageant

... ered operations during WW II. airshows/11_swmp/spitfire airshows/11_swmp/lysander The "Shuttleworth Trainers" were up in the air next, split up into three groups. At first the Blackburn B2 and the de Hav ...

Air Show Turkiye

... y completed by transport aircraft (CN235, C-160, C-130), helicopters (UH-1 Huey, AH-1 Cobra, S-70 Seahawk, AS635 Cougar) and some more trainers. Furthermore on the main ramps were the international visitor ...

Japan & China 2010

... lag I headed of to Ozuki the next morning. 40km in one hour was a good average for Japanese roads, but the grey weather did not make me very optimistic. Arriving at Ozuki I saw 3 JMSDF T-5 trainers stan ...

Nyutabaru Airshow

...  heard as pairs of UH-60 helicopters, T-4 trainers and F-4s performed their 'opening fly-bys'. The static display and the nearby vendor's area was done in around one hour before I went to the south s ...

Warsaw Pact Trainer Yakovlev Yak-11

... the famous Yak-3 fighter that was converted to twin seater combined with the enforcement of the structure and adding a Schwetzow Asch-21 700hp radial engine. As all the other Soviet trainers the aircraft ...

Austrian Air Force

... here: The Tigerstaffel (Tiger Squadron) is still using the Saab 105OE as trainers and will fulfil this role in the near future to prepare the pilots for the Eurofighter once the F-5 Tigers have been  ...

Aircraft Spotting in Japan

... tography the T-4 trainers that circled and the two C-1 that landed in the morning. Sitting, waiting, sleeping we spent the morning. The countrymen that were working not far away were surely a bit puzzl ...

Archangel 2005

... ne might think that they are trying to sell the HAF some aircraft… The same can be said for the trainers, as Aermacchi was present with their new M346, a IAR-99 was also in the display and a BAe Hawk co ...

RDAF Airshow 2005

...  continued with a Sikorsky S-61 and a blue Navy Westland Super Lynx 90B. These were followed by a flight of four DeHavilland Chipmunks and the Baby Blue Team with their four Saab T-17 trainers. RDAF Fligh ...

Open Dagen 2003

... f and fly-by by 2 F-15E Strike Eagles which came back after about one hour. Afterwards came same small trainers like the Hawk followed by a first display team, the Patrulla Aguilla from Spain and a jet ...

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19 Hahnweide19 1909 9664

Hahnweide OTT 2019

2019 saw the 19th edition of the Oldtimer Fliegertreffen Hahnweide. You may also call it a fly-in, a pilot meeting or a warbird airshow, and with around 400 participating aircraft it is arguably Germany’s biggest aviation event. It is an avgeek festival, and an aviation Read More
18 Radom 1808 6835

Radom Airshow 2018

Radom Airshow 2018 had the Polish Air Force’s 100th anniversary as a main theme. Concluding from past events the expectations were very high, and the event attracted highlights such as the Ukrainian Suchoi Su-27 Flanker or the JF-17 from Pakistan for the flying display. In Read More
19  1908 0740

Taiwan Planespotting

This was another plane spotting trip to Taiwan. Even though it has a vivid aviation photography scene, it’s tropical climate and a military on high alert do not make it an easy country to pursue this hobby. With the aim to photograph some aircraft of Read More
19 BAF 1905 4410

Dark Falcon - Belgian F-16 Demo Team

10.000ft above Belgium the howling sound of the Lockheed Martin’s F-16AM Fighting Falcon F100 jet engine could clearly be heard. No wonder, as the Demo Pilot for the Belgian Air Force, Sr. Cpt Darte, callsign „Vador“, knows how to place his jet only meters behind Read More
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