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Flying Legends Duxford 2014

What a blast! Standing at any of the runway ends during the Duxford air shows is a stunning experience. Either you get to see the aircraft turning in onto the display line or they make you feel their ...

La Ferte-Alais

... re returning to their homebase. This memorial stands as a tribute to the American pilots of the Escadrille La Fayette and the Lafayette Flying Corps who gave their lives during the First World War to ass ...

Korea / Japan

... two S-60 returning to base concluded this rather quiet but very nice 'Navy' day. special/11_korea/15 Once again it was finished with a drive through the night. Only half an hour after sunset the glo ...

Seoul ADEX

... ed S-92 helicopters up to the B-747 for overseas visits. Not to neglect were also the Raytheon Hawker 800SIG aircraft, which were sometimes seen departing for or returning from a mission. Combined with  ...

Osan Airpower Day 2011

... round was quite long, but the flying later on really made up for this. The storyboard was build up around a downed pilot, but more or less everybody was keen on seeing the jets turning around in the s ...

SIAF 2011

... places. These photos here were thus partly taken during the rehersals for the show. airshows/11_siaf/mi35 airshows/11_siaf/l29 airshows/11_siaf/blanik Returning to Sliac I saw the Belgian Demo T ...

Japan & China 2010

... n/04f152 But at least the returning Aggressors made up for some nice colourful photos: special/10_asien/04gr special/10_asien/04so2 The remaining day until sunset at around 5pm was spent drivi ...

CIAF 2010

... t for a foreigner to follow it - due to Czech-only commentary - it was quite clear that something happened when everyone was turning their heads as in the distance a formation of a CSA B737 and two JAS3 ...

Japan December 2009

...  UH-60Js in three different colourschemes as well as the OH-6 training helicopters and P-3 Orions returning from their mission. special/09_japan2/31kanoya special/09_japan2/32kanoya My presence on  ...

Japan March 2009

... ri again and when we stopped at a supermarket we saw two F-15s overhead, returning from the morning mission.   The sun was out again in the meantime and we had to hurry to go back to Haykuri. An est ...

Japan 2008 Trip

... erformance with two of their colourful F-15J Eagles, turning nicely above our heads in the deep blue sky with full afterburner. What a sight, and the camera did not stop clicking!   F-15 Aggressor  ...

Nyutabaru Air Show

... ellent performance with two of their colourful F-15J Eagles, turning nicely above our heads in the deep blue sky with full afterburner. What a sight, and the camera did not stop clicking! F-15 Aggressor S ...

Amberley Air Show 2008

... n Dietmar and I heard quite often these days: "What, you only came for the show to Australia???" "Yes, we arrived Friday, returning Monday…" [surprised] "That's real dedication!!" Yes, it is, and seei ...

NLD Piestany - Slovak Air Show

... -- 3-ship of MiG-29 & An-26 with parachutists ------ ------ ------ The Slovak MiG-29 was seen later on in a Solo Display with a lot of turning&burning around the airfield, tho ...

Israel Air Force 60th

... above the beach of Tel Aviv and of course the solo display of the F-15I, turning and burning around and releasing many flares in the hazy sky. Parachutists jumping out of an C-130 were the final act an ...

HAF - Corsairs and Buckeyes

... y has to withdrawal. Followed by refreshement at the Squadron's Bar another visit outside was compulsory as the second round of aircraft was preparing for their mission. Corsairs returning to their Homeb ...

USA South West

... about the heavily loaded F-16 turning in above our heads, but only to discover happily that these were the Singaporean F-16s, training also at Luke. But at some time we did stop as the sun was to low, d ...

Israel Base Visits

... before returning to the museum I paid the Kfir at the roundabout in Be'er Sheva a second visit and could photograph it in a nice morning light and a perfectly clear blue sky. Arriving at the museum si ...

Austrian Air Force

... nd the good turning rate of the Tiger. During the visit the Tiger and the Draken have been described as being "quite similar, but very different". After all this information I was very pleased that there ...

Do-24 ATT Flying Boat

... ATT Air-Air around the Zugspitze air2air/do24/1 Then followed the photo session with Iren Dornier turning his aircraft around the Zugspitze and me taking photos of him. When I got my results we made ...
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19  1902 9364

Tornado GR.4 FINale at RAF Marham

Nine GR4 Tornados with their wings swept to 25° flying overhead in a close diamond nine formation was a sight to behold! The Royal Air  Force bid farewell to its Tornado Force in style at RAF Marham on 28th February 2019. Read More
17 Gifu 1711 508701

JASDF Gifu Airshow 2017

Back in 1917 Kakamigahara airfield was used as an army airfield and a airship landing site. Today it is named Gifu, and is the home of the JASDF Flight Test Centre ADTW (Air Development and Test Wing). 2017 thus saw this wing’s home airfield centenary Read More
18 Duxford Legends 1807 3215

Duxford Flying Legends 2018

Duxford’s Flying Legends 2018 was a show to remember. Not only was the legendary warbirds airshow blessed with stunning summer weather and deep blue skies on Sunday, it also featured many impressive warbird formations, amongst them a stunning 4-ship formation of Buchons - a real treat Read More
18 SIAF 1808 8610

Slovak International Air Fest - SIAF 2018

Travelling to countries operating the MiG-29 is usually a safe bet to see this great looking jet from the Soviet-era in the air. This was also true for the Slovak International Air Fest (SIAF) at Sliac, Slovakia. But the SIAF airshow was also a clear Read More
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