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Day 13, Akeno - Komaki, 11/11

Akeno 2Akeno 3As expected the weather was not very good that day. It was cloudy and gray, besides rain by far the worst conditions to photograph the colourful camouflaged helicopters of the JGSDF.
After the happenings the day before that was not very beneficial for our spirit, but nevertheless we took some photos as the possibilities were gorgeous with no fence but only some barbed wire and a deep trench between us and the helicopters. Early in the morning there was a JMSDF SH-60 coming and we observed two ground runs of AH-1 Cobras, but besides a CH-47 Chinook no more helicopters were flying. Further down the airfield we saw some helicopters parked and that seemed like a small static display to us, so there might be some flying in the afternoon, but for the morning our hopes soon disappeared.
Impatiently we therefore decided to drive on to Komaki to give this airport a second try.
Near Akeno we also stopped at a drugstore and look for some more food and water, I even bought some fresh fruits, salad and barbecue chicken sticks, which were delicious btw.


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Akeno 5Akeno 4Komaki once again was a huge disappointment with only one C-1 and a BAe125. Even two shy security guys showed mercy and did not control us that day.
Our spirit was on an all-trip low and Patrick even thought about going back home from Tokyo, which was also caused by the severe cold that he had caught during the last days.
The weather forecast from our last check at the Internet also showed no amelioration until Wednesday, the last real day on our trip. But we had no choice…


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Akeno 6Akeno 7At least it was Friday and we were looking forward to our week-end in Tokyo, a good hotel, during which we would stay on two consecutive nights - in the same room. A unique happening on our trip!
When it was already dark we passed the Mt. Fuji along the motorway and had a stop at the rest area there, but could not catch a glimpse of Japan's most famous landmark in the dark.
Driving right into downtown Tokyo on the high streets was OK, because most of the traffic on that Friday evening was going out of the city and with the help of the navigation system we did not even loose our way!

First impressions of Tokyo

Tokyo 1 -- Tokyo 2 ---- Tokyo 3 ---- Tokyo 4 ---- Tokyo 5

Akeno 8However we were speechless when entering the city and its street system. Gliding along the road many meters above the ground. The haze furthermore created a special mood and we felt like in a movie playing in 2050.
Akeno 9Arriving at the Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay was quite cool when we parked right along a luxury Maybach car and a very polite hostess rushed out and helped us to unload our van. We were really worried about this fragile Japanese girl when she tried to grab our suitcases and bag packs and felt somehow misplaced at that exclusive hotel. But on the other hand, we enjoyed it a lot!
The view from our room in the 23rd floor was overwhelming, and after getting some (fast) food just around a corner we called home, returned to our room and enjoyed a well fitting duo: a warm shower and a cold beer…

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