Aircraft Spotting in Japan - Narita-Departure

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Day 18, Narita - Going home, 17/11

On the last day of our trip we also got up at 6:15am and had a really good breakfast. After going to the terminal by the bus shuttle it was a great relief to check-in without any problems. Florian and I even took our ladders back with us, and Patrick had his bag-pack and our unused tent. For half an hour we still had time to have a look at the visitors deck in Terminal 1 and to take our last photos. Then we rushed back to Terminal 2, proceeded efficiently through the check-in and to our gate.

Tokyo Narita Airport

566 ---- 567 ---- 568 ---- 569 ---- 570
571 ---- 572 ---- 573 ---- 574 ---- 575
576 ---- 577 ---- 578 ---- 579

We entered Lufthansa B747 flying us back to Germany, and left Japan. The trip was over…
Thank you very much for reading our story!! I hope you as much fun (and pain ;)) as we had in Japan. For any input please make use of the guestbook!

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