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Where? Munich, Germany
When? 7-8/06/2015

The G7 summit brings together the leaders of the seven G7 member states on a regular basis. Politics aside, the event is also always a great gathering of military and presidential aircraft flying in politicians from all over the world. For the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau in the Bavarian Alps, Munich airport (MUC) was the main hub to receive loads of interesting aircraft.

MUC VC 25A 6324 Zeitler 700 470 90
MUC VC 25A 6324 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC VC 25A 6459 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC VC 25A 9882 Zeitler 100 67 85
ZMUC VC 25A 6306 Zeitler 100 67 85

Apart from the core G7 member states Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and the United States the President of the European Commission is a permanently welcome participant.
The gathering on the apron at Munich airport was most impressive. Days before the event several USAF C-17A Globemaster III arrived to fly-in supplies and support for the arrival of the famous “Air Force One”. They carried amongst others the VH-60N “White Hawks” for the transport of the US President of HMX-1 as well as the MV-22B Ospreys, which should succeed the VH-60 in the near future. A training flight of this baggage consisting of two VH-60 and three MV-22 escorted by a German police helicopter was an impressive sight.

AMUC MV 22B 9648 Zeitler 700 470 90
AMUC MV 22B 9648 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC MV 22B 9632 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC MV 22B 9664 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC MV 22B 9682 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC MV 22B 9697 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC MV 22B 9848 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC VH 60N 9810 Zeitler 700 470 90
MUC VH 60N 9810 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC VH 60N 9827 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC VH 60N 9835 Zeitler 100 67 85

“Air Force One”, a highly modified Jumbo Jet, arrived on Sunday morning, June 7th at dawn. Nevertheless plenty of enthusiasts had gathered at this early hour along MUC’s Southern runway. Shortly after the VC-25A touched down, a C-32A followed.

AMUC G4 NASA 6269 Zeitler 700 470 90
AMUC G4 NASA 6269 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC C 17 6297 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC C 32A 6358 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC C 32A 6455 Zeitler 100 67 85

The Canadian participants with the RCAF CC-150 Polaris and the Japanese using the two JASDF B747-400 Jumbo Jets already arrived the evening before. A wise move, as they could enjoy Bavarian hospitality even a bit longer, and their jets were nicely parked on the apron the next morning.

MUC JASDF 6449 Zeitler 700 470 90
MUC JASDF 6404 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC JASDF 6429 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC JASDF 6449 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC JASDF 9761 Zeitler 100 67 85
AMUC Canada 6379 Zeitler 700 470 90
AMUC Canada 6379 Zeitler 100 67 85
MUC Bundespolizei 9864 Zeitler 100 67 85

Invited were also Ethiopia, Iraq, Liberia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tunisia and the United Nations, of which some arrived also with their own jets. These, however, escaped my camera. Maybe next time a 4-5 day leave would be better to get all of them.

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