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Japanese breakfast was included in the hotel the next morning, but rice and algae is really something you have to get used to at that time of the day. We stayed with bread, butter and coffee and took our time to eat, because the weather was still bleakly.


At the airfield the conditions even seemed worse than the day before and it did not make any sense to take photos. But the base security came again and took their photo, because this time they thought of bringing the memory card!

P-3 Orions at Kanoya

121 ---- 122 ---- 123 ---- 124

Of course we could not resist and snapped some OP-3C and a YS-11. The spot along the apron also proofed to be useful to some photos of the helicopters, but altogether it was nothing special: bad angle on the helicopters, no OH-6, and the new grey camouflaged SH-60J.

YS-11 and JMSDF Helicopters

125 ---- 126 ---- 127 ---- 128

Thum 11

At least we got some quiet nice shots, but it was no comparison to the last time when we were there for only around 2 hours. Under these circumstances it was not difficult at all for us to leave to Nyutabaru that once again took around 2,5h on the road 10. Halfway along the way there was even a Hokka Hokka Tei (Japanese fast food chain) to have a good lunch, and the cloud layer started to open up.

In Nyuta we tried some new spots, as the weather was not that good yet, and the forecast for the next day was a lot better. But the low clouds made some good impressions and we trained ourselves for the fast jets again after the last two rainy days. The training Squadron of F-15s provided a good possibility for this. Phantoms were not flying that afternoon, but we thought that this good for us as they were preserving their strength for more flying activity the next day.

a quick stop at Nyutabaru in the afternoon

129 ---- 130 ---- 131 ---- 132
133 ---- 134 ---- 135 ---- 136
137 ---- 138 ---- 139 ---- 140

Thum 14

When we left, of course, the base security came. This time he was alone and really nice and made great efforts to speak English with us. After the usual questions, especially about our tour plan, he left happy with some copies of our passports. We also told him that we would come back the next day – and were not bothered then. This Japanese system really works!

We finished that day at Nyutabaru with taking some photos of local T-4 flying until shortly after sunset.

Thum 15

For the evening we reserved the youth hostel in the nearby Miyazaki. Though not far away from Miyazaki, the road was one long traffic jam with all the traffic lights and everybody returning to the city. The hostel was found without problems and even the conversation with the old lady there was without and problems: we were fluently speaking English, and she was fluent in Japanese ;) But of course we got our room, an internet connection back home and had a look at the city centre.

Thum 33

What a place!! After the last days in quiet small cities Miyazaki was really different. We couldn't believe our eyes when countless young and pretty women were passing by and walking along the street, everywhere where we went. It was really amazing. Later our Japanese friend told us that many Japanese go to Miyazaki for their honeymoon, and it really looked like a place where to have a lot of fun! The only drawback that evening was the place where we had something to eat. Later we read a bit in our guidebook that explicitly advised against going to this kind of places.

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