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Thum 16Nyuta the next day was a blast! After picking up breakfast at a 7/11 along the way we tried early in the morning once again the famous 'morning spot', but at the time of the year the sun is already very far around and the first aircraft came out quite late, so the light was not really good anymore. Shortly after the first take-off's of F-15s and the Aggressors we changed our position to catch the landings from the other side of the runway, nearby the coffee dispensers. Unfortunatly no head-on shots of the F-4s were possible this time. Maybe it was already too late in the year and the sund was 'around too much at these hours...'?


stunning Nyutabaru

141 ---- 142 ---- 143 ---- 144

F-15J/DJ Eagles at Nyutabaru

145 ---- 146 ---- 147 ---- 148
149 ---- 150 ---- 151 ---- 152
153 ---- 154 ---- 155 ---- 156
157 ---- 158 ---- 159 ---- 160
161 ---- 162 ---- 163 ---- 164

We spent the whole day at the fence of "Fightertown Japan", partly even in T-Shirts. Once again the JASDF was flying like hell.
The waves were:
# 6x F-15s
# 4x F-15s (Aggressors)
# 8x F-4s
# 8x F-15s
# 3x F-15s (Aggressors)
# 8x F-4s
# 6x F-15s
# 4x F-15s (Aggressors)
and several T-4s, with some visiting from Iruma or Hamamatsu, and we even got a C-1.
With so much flying activity we used the chance to move around the airfield in order to different angles of all the aircraft and really enjoyed this day.

JASDF Aggressor Squadron

165 ---- 166 ---- 167 ---- 168
169 ---- 170 ---- 171 ---- 172
173 ---- 174 ---- 175 ---- 176
177 ---- 178 ---- 179 ---- 180
181 ---- 182 ---- 183 ---- 184

Nyutabaru Phantoms

185 ---- 186 ---- 187 ---- 188
189 ---- 190 ---- 191 ---- 192
193 ---- 194 ---- 195 ---- 196
197 ---- 198 ---- 199 ---- 200

It was unbelievable that it was so warm again after the last two freezing days. As we had filled enough memory cards already in the afternoon we decided to leave at 3pm for Tsuiki, as the ~220km drive would last around 5h.

...and some more T-4s

201 ---- 202 ---- 203 ---- 204
205 ---- 206 ---- 207 ---- 208

So once again we were on our beloved Route 10, but this time heading North. Luckily everything went smooth and we were so hopeful that the youth hostel near Tsuiki woul be open this time. When we reached the most scenic part of this way it was unfortunately already quite dark, and we could only guess how scenic these wooded valleys would look like during the day. Right now, they were only dark shadows against a black sky. In the middle of nowhere we were stopping by a parking place at a water reservoir and had a really warm soup and a rice dish. But before that getting out of the car was a real surprise, as it got freezing cold again!

Thum 13

Continuing the drive we once again passed Beppu and nearby the youth hostel we remembered every corner, even the love hotel with the carriage (without horses!) in front of it. Fortunately the youth hostel was open that time and without any language barriers – you know: we English, they Japanese... - we got our room. The place hasn't changed at all since we have been there in 2005: everywhere it was f... cold, the only had easern style toilets, but at least the Onsen was still open. But that was so hot, that we did not manage to get in for at least or 10 minutes. When we got finally in, it was still so hot that we did not manage to stay in for long… But all of this did not unsettle us, as we already knew before that it would like this. And this was very advantageous!

scenic drive to Tsuiki, and the Youth Hostel there

465 ---- 466 ---- 467 ---- 468

The rest of the evening was spent getting our suitcases ready for the flight to Naha the next day. Tsuiki The night in the youth hostel was really cold. That is no wonder with outside temperatures around 0-5C and the typical wodden and paper walls that are more designed for the hot and humid summers. Also once again there was no hot water in the morning and we did our best to leave as soon as possible and headed for the next coffee dispenser.

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