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On Saturday we decided that it is a wise decision not to see any aircraft and thus went to visit Shuri castle . The castle was the home of the king of the Ryukyu empire and was completely destroyed during the Battle of Okinawa in 1945 (this is mentioned on nearly every board that is placed there...). After being rebuild it became part of the UNESCO's world heritage sites. The visit was really interesting to learn about the islands early history, as well as the behaviour of Japanese tourists in their own country. Actually it is the same as when visiting Europe. Obviously we tried to adapt ourselves ;) Afterwards we had a quiet day for the show tomorrow including a visit to the local fish market and once again a visit to a local sushi bar. Unfortunately the sky was already showing signs of the bad weather that has been announced for the next day.


Seasars against the evil spirits - Shiru Castle

469 ---- 470 ---- 471 ---- 472

inside Shiru Castle

473 ---- 474 ---- 475 ---- 476
477 ---- 478 ---- 479 ---- 480

colorfull Naha - Habu in a bottle - on of the many souvenir shops

481 ---- 482 ---- 483 ---- 484

pig's ears, a local speciality - walking around the fish market

485 ---- 486 ---- 487 ---- 488


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