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 300I was off to the Dead Sea and Jerusalem... The drive from Be'er Sheva there was really amazing, first climbing up the mountains to 470m above sea level and then going down to more than -400m to reach the lowest point on earth. The landscape was unhospitable and a hazy sky even intensified this impression. Cruising around there made much more fun than standing in the traffic jams around Tel Aviv and swimming, or even better floating, in the Dead Sea was an unforgettable experience. Late in the afternoon I continued towards Jerusalem where I would spend the night. The way there brought my past Jericho and all the barbed wire and the walls that are recently being build up around the Palestinian areas clearly brought it back to my mind that the 'Holy Land' is far from being a peacefull country.


Driving to the Dead Sea (-470m)

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The old town of Jerusalem that I discoverd that evening was another amazing experience: walking through the city at night when most of the tourist have left the place and following the roots of Jesus was really impressive. The Western Wall, part of Temple Mount, which is the focus of prayer from Jews from all over the world and the temple mountain, where a mosque was errected by the muslims where the two other dominating signs and sights for the three main religions being present in the city. The next morning the way back to the airport from Jerusalem brought my once again past heavily secured fences walls and fences around Ramalla and was once of the last impressions of this country.

Impressions of Jerusalem

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Jet PropBefore checking in at the airport I somehow got stuck in the security control as my suitcase containing my used clothes, a bottle of wine from Israel and some sweets seemed highly suspicious and I had to spend more than one hour in the security check. Needless to say that all window seats were occupied once I got to the ceck-in and I therefore did not get a chance to have a look at all the military tanker and transport aircraft that are lined up at TLV. The flights back to Munich were nearly fully booked and the transfer time at Budapest was very very lean, but even with the chaotic passenger transfer at Budapest I managed to get onboard the flight. So a very impressive short trip came to its end, end mixed emotions stay back in my mind. And next year I will try to be back, hopefully to see some flying jets then. Maybe…

! Warning: Travelling there on your own and trying to get access to the above mentioned events is not recommended !

Some of these photos seen here were also published in my 4-pages article in the German magazine Jet&Prop.

The author would like to express his sincere thanks to all the IAF people and everyone else who supported me during these journalistc visits to the different Israel Air Force bases.

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