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Planned was the following programme for the show:

# 0745-0900 Opening fly-by, 2* UH-60, 2* U-125, 2* F-4EJkai, 2*F-15, 3* F-15, 2*T-4
# 0925-0940 Ground attack, 4*F-4EJkai
# 0945-1000 1*F-2(6sqn.)
# 1005-1020 2* F15(AGRS)
# 1030-1050 Rescue demo, 1*U-125A, 1*UH-60J
# 1155-1110 2*F-4EJkai(301sqn.)
# 1115-1130 1*F-15DJ(23sqn.)
# 1315-1355 Blue Impulse
# 1400-1445 Para.-drop from C-1

But due to the non-flying of the F-15s it got a bit sparse with a long break in the morning and even a 2h break around midday. Not very much, considering all the travelling from Europe to Japan, but of course I haven't only been there for this show and fortunately I was at the airfield the week before and saw at least some of the training flights of the Aggressors for their show display, presenting excellent topside views of their colorschemes.

The Ground attack demo of the Phantoms was also very nice, with two pairs of F-4EJ Kai flying different ground attack pattern releasing virtual weapons against their 'enemies' on the ground, which were shooting simulated ground-air guns at them.

Of course another favourite of me was also the blue F-2A of the 6th from Tsuiki that flew directly in from its homebase for the display. Several turns and climbs followed, which nicely showed the shape and colour of the aircraft against a brilliant blue sky.

Fortunately the gorgeous weather did not change through the whole day, and also not when it was time for two Phantoms to show off a small solo display. Worth mentioning is their shadow formation, remembering me of the Patrouille Suisse. Of course it were not as many aircraft, but two mighty Phantoms!

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Warbirds over the Beach Airshow, Military Aviation Museum, Virginia Beach
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CAF Airsho 2014
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Looking to the horizon around Midland the width of the Texan landscape is interrupted by oil pumps, and with the sweetish smell of oil also the smell of the money lies in air. High above a stairway of clouds leads from the horizon into the big blue, proudly supported by the clear air of the Texan sky. Historic bombers and warbird fighters would soon sneak through those skies, giving plenty of photogenic topside passes for the Airsho crowd.

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Phantom Pharewell Photo Phlight

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Luftwaffe / WTD61 F-4F Phantom II air-air
Where? Bavaria, Germany
When? 07/2013

The months of June and July 2013 saw the final operations of German F-4F Phantoms. With Jagdgeschwader 71 "R" at Wittmund officially putting Luftwaffe Phantom operations to an end and handing over the QRA task to the Eurofighter, the two Manching-based Phantoms were the last German examples to soldier on for some more days. During those final days also arose a unique photo opportunity - a Phantastic "Phantom Pharewell Photo Phlight"!

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