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Apart from the grey jets some display teams brought a lot of colour in the air.
First and foremost the IAF Suryakiran (Sun Rays) Team, flying the HAL HJT-16 Kiran Mk.2 trainer aircraft. Their display does not need to hide away from those of other international display teams with its formation aerobatics, solo displays and crossing manoeuvres. And especially the smoke in the Indian national colours orange, white and green looked excellent in the blue sky.

After 15 years flying the Kiran Aero India 2011 was their last display with this aircraft, as the airframes are urgently needed to train future IAF pilots. Rumours were going around that the team will continue, and might already be present at the next show in 2013, then maybe with its new aircraft, the BAe Hawk.




Already known around Germany due to their appearance at the Berlin Air Show in 2008 is the Sarang (Peacock) Helicopter Display Team flying the HAL Dhruv. The Peacock is the national bird of India and the golden colour of its feathers painted on the helicopters fuselages came out especially well during the flight display in the evening hours.


And of course there is nowadays any airshow without the participation by the famous soft drink producer from Austria. Apart from offering a nice bar to spend the last hours of the show it brought also the "Flying Bulls" team from the Czech Republic and their 4 Zlin 50 LX.


From the civil side Sukhoi presented its Superjet also in the flight display as did Saab with their Saab 2000, obviously in an effort to support their Gripen for MMRCA:



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Meiringen WK 2017

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Meiringen Swiss Air Force WK 2017
Where? Meiringen, Switzerland
When? March 2017

Alpine Base Meiringen offers a gorgeous setting The airfield is nestled in a small valley in central Switzerland in the canton of Bern. Surrounded by mountains that partly rise up vertically for several hundred meters it is challenging flying terrain, but provides plenty of photo opportunities. Meiringen is the home of the Swiss Air Force's Fliegerstaffel 11 "Tigers", one of Switzerland three F/A-18 Hornet Squadrons, and is also home to the militia Squadron 8 "Destructors" ("Vandalos"), flying the F-5E Tiger II.

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Hamamatsu Airshow

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HamamatsuAirshow 2011
Where? Hamamatsu, Japan
When? 23/10/2011

The show at Hamamatsu was one of the reasons for the Japan trip 2011. Not that much of a well known destination for aircraft enthusiasts as many of the other fast jet bases around Japan Hamamatsu hosts the T-4 training wings as well as the Airborne Warning & Control squadron equipped with 4 Boeing E-767.

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Royal Jordanian Falcons

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Royal Jordanian Falcons
Where? Aqaba, Red Sea - Jordan
When? April 2010

The Royal Jordanian Falcons are a small group of Professionals that represent the excellence of Jordan aviation. Based in Aqaba on the shores of the Red Sea this team and their five Extra 300-L aircraft can be seen on airshows around the world, but mainly around the Middle East and Europe.

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