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A special charm of the show is that it is being held on active military airfield, being home to transport aircraft and helicopters. So the morning and evening hours as well as the lunch break see not only bringing in some military visitors by air but also some local flying.
Mornings and evenings were thus spend hunting these Air Force assets in a nice warm and low light.
Usually in the morning a Embraer EMB135 brought in high rank military personal from Dehli. Then followed Alouette and Mi-8 helicopters with more guests on board.




A special treat were the VIP-equipped HAL HS 748 Avros, adorned with a beautiful white/ polished aluminium exterior. The first of these aircraft were deliverd already in the 1964 and seeing these still operating was like travelling back in time.


A large contrast was the Il-76 that was seen twice during my visit to Yelahanka.


Local flying consisted mainly of Dornier Do228 and more Avros, as well as some An-32, the main workhorse of the IAF transport fleet.



Looking back at Aero India 2011 I have to reflect that – looking at the whole package - it was not the smoothest running event, but looking at the access, the number of new aircraft seen and the marvellous weather with blue sky throughout the week well worth the effort and stress.

And of course it wouldn't have run that smooth nonetheless without the help and support by my Indian friends. Thanks a lot to you, guys!

If this report should have risen your interest in Indian military aviation, you might want to consider digging through www.bharat-rakshak.com, and extensive resource about IAF.

Obviously the visit to this show was part of a smaller trip to India, whose other highlights will be picked up in a separate report in the near future.

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