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In combination with the event two dedicated "Spotterdays" for aircraft enthusiasts were organized. With the major part of them coming from the Netherlands, Great Britain and Germany the local spotters were clearly a minority. This is no wonder as planespotting is a thing that is not really understood in Turkey, let alone taking photos of military aircraft, which will bring you into troubles really fast on regular operational days.
It was thus with great relief to see that the Turkish Air Force presented themselves very open-minded and offered excellent opportunities and access on both days before and after the show. To ease the life of the photographers for example a schedule with all the planned was handed out when entering the showground, so that no highlight was to be missed.

On Friday the whole showground has been accessible and made it possible to photograph nearly all the aircraft already parked on the ground without distracting barriers. Apart from that the highlight were for sure the Turkish F-16 Solo Display and the Pakistani F-16 and JF-17 performing their rehearsals in the best morning light.

Furthermore it was possible to get all the foreign aircraft flying in for the show itself as well as the supporting transport aircraft.

With a North-South-orientated runway it was no problem that the length of the stay was limited until approximately 2pm as the sun started to move into an unfavourable position around that time anyway.
The afternoon was thus spend along the road under the nice and most welcomed shadow of some trees taking photos of even more aircraft arriving for the show as well as some rehearsals.

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