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Monday followed the same procedure as the day before the show with the exception that the ramp for the static display was active and thus not accessible. The numerous photographers thus lined-up all along the taxiway and waited eagerly for the things to come.
After the take-off of the Italian Eurofighter and AMX the next aircraft announced themselves by the characteristic whining of the J79-engine: both Turkish F-4E and RF-4E Phantoms, which were hard to photograph in the static display the previous days, taxied by in glorious morning light and took off. They were followed by both F-16s, which made the day after only one hour spend on the base already worthwhile.

Consecutively most off the other aircraft left as well and provided some nice photo opportunities along the taxiway and during take-off. And also just like during the previous day the sun started getting really hot already around half past nine, which caused that most of the photographers got a bit quite slow and were just happy sitting there and waiting for the aircraft to come. The one or the other movement or start-up sound of engines did cause some perturbation from time to time, but overall the whole scene was very relaxed.

The announcement of the supervisor that food was available around midday was welcomed by a warm applause, however most photographers remained in their place as the fear to miss something important was too big – and the opportunity given to take some pictures there was just priceless. Good business however was made by the people passing by and selling cold drinks.

Personally my spotterday was finished shortly after midday as it was time to catch the flight back home, but with most of the highlights already departed in the morning the farewell was not too difficult – especially with all the great memories and photos brought back home!

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