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Some more photos are linked here and are availabel in higher resolution:

911 Seoul Adex Kf 16 8670 911 Seoul Adex Fly By 8154

911 Seoul Adex F 15k 8775 911 Seoul Adex F 15k 8721 911 Seoul Adex Static 8075

911 Seoul Adex A 10 8523 911 Seoul Adex C 235 9415 911 Seoul Adex Fly By 8354

911 Seoul Adex Static 8167 911 Seoul Adex Fly By 9269 911 Seoul Adex Fly By 9019

911 Seoul Adex Fly By 9057 911 Seoul Adex B 737 9404 911 Seoul Adex Fly By 9075

911 Seoul Adex Fly By 8982  911 Seoul Adex T 50 8452 911 Seoul Adex Hs 748 8886

911 Seoul Adex Fly By 9279  911 Seoul Adex Static 8183 911 Seoul Adex Static 8187

911 Seoul Adex Static 8298  911 Seoul Adex Static 8320 911 Seoul Adex Kf 16 8690

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Wings over Houston Airshow

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Wings Over Houston 2017
Where? Ellington Airfield, Houston, Texas, USA
When? 20-22 October 2017

Wings over Houston 2017 was an awesome airshow! Plenty of warbirds, a Messerschmitt Me 262, jets from the Vietnam era, amongst them the venerable F-4D Phantom II, made up for a great program. This great mix on show at Ellington Airport in the South of Houston was enriched by aerobatic acts and the USAF Thunderbirds. With a 34-year long history the airshow is still very much alive and kicking!

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The bi-annual F-AIR COLOMBIA (Feria Aeronautica Internacional) airshow at Rionegro airport, which serves as the international hub for Medellin, is a great chance to catch up with Colombia’s current military aviation hardware. Though the city of Medellin might not be the first thing coming to ones mind when thinking about aviation photography, the Show itself provided a great chance to catch a lot of the hardware of the Fuerza Aérea Colombiana (FAC).

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Yak-3U in the snow

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Yak 3u


Besides the Yak-3 D-FJAK of Achim and Elmar Meier the D-FLAK of Maxi Gainza is the second Russian warbrid that has been based at Freiburg, right in the middle between the Black Forrest and the river Rhein. The D-FLAK, as the Yak-3U (c/n 0470202) is registered in Germany, is also a equipped with a powerfull Allsion V-1710 V-12 engine, but offers in contrast to the one with the red cowling a second seat behind the pilot, who also has complete flight controls available.

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