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During my visit at Laage the Fliegerstaffel 11 from Switzerland with their F/A-18s was guest in Laage and flew daily missions with and against the Fulcrums. The advantage of these squadron visits from the photographers point of view is not only that there are more jets to take photos of but also increased fliying activity. Being already the second week the German and Swiss pilots knew them already very well and were used to the airspace. Therefore two missions were flown every day, with 4 Hornets and 4 MiGs every time.
On the following photo pages you can have an inside view into the everyday business of the JG 73, including views of the shelter area, the last chance, of the tower and the maintenance hall.

More information about the JG73 can be found at their site http://www.fabulousfulcrums.de/.

Finally I would like to express my deepest thanks to the S1-Info and all the staff at Laage for their hospitality and the opportunities given that day!


Swiss Hornets

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081 ---- 082 ---- 083 ---- 084 ---- 085

Training Partners

086 ---- 087 ---- 088 ---- 089 ---- 090
091 ---- 092 ---- 093
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