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A trip in late March 2008 to Neuburg was ventured in quest for the last photos of Phantoms in the snow. Unfortunately the spots of snow were very rare around the airfield, but more numerous than during the last two winters, so I was at least able to catch this impression at least a bit and also some Eurofighters in the cold.


Eurofighters in the snow

093 ------ 094 ------ 095 ------ 096

Snow Phantoms

097 ------ 098 ------ 099 ------ 100

Glorious sunshine some days later was used for some more images and finallly also a glimpse of an Eurofighter and a Phantom on the last chance. The difference in size was really stunning - even more when thinking about the increased effectivness and capabilities of the Eurofighter. A lot of Eurofighters were also flying that day in different configurations, most notable was a single-seater equipped with three external tanks that really change is appearance and the afterburner take-off of one aircraft followed by a stunning vertical climb.

Mixed operations

101 ------ 102 ------ 103 ------ 104
105 ------ 106 ------ 107 ------ 108
109 ------ 110 ------ 111 ------ 112

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