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One of the first contacts to the wing for me after theairshow in 2001 was the spotter's day in 2003 on a splendid summer day. In the morning several Phantoms from JG71 at Wittmund left Neuburg for an exercise to Goose Bay- providing an unforgettable sight of an endless row of F-4F on the last chance, and taking care of a smoky horizon after their departure.


Phantoms on the Ground

001 ------ 002 ------ 003 ------ 004

F-4Fs leaving to Goose Bay

005 ------ 006 ------ 007 ------ 008
009 ------ 010 ------ 011 ------ 012
013 ------ 014 ------ 015 ------ 016

During the rest of the day the busy daily flying could be photographed from different vantage points around the airfield and some rare visitors as an US ARMY RC-12 or a E-3A AWACS, which was re-routed from nearby Manching by the friendly tower crew, provided welcomed sights as well.

Phantom Phlying at Neuburg

017 ------ 018 ------ 019 ------ 020
021 ------ 022 ------ 023 ------ 024
025 ------ 026 ------ 027 ------ 028

Visitors: RC-12 amd E-3 AWACS

029 ------ 030 ------ 031 ------ 032


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