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Youth Hostel near Sendai

Japan 2005

Sunburned for a change

31/10 - 18/11/2005

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Day 10, Nyutabaru, 08/11

"Groundhog Day"… Once again we woke up in the same love hotel as the day before and were at the spot at the "fighter paradise" Nyutabaru at 07h15. It was colder than the day before that morning, but the sky was even clearer and we could see the mountains in the background. Once again a T-4 was the first aircraft and Phantoms followed afterwards.
While the sun was turning we were waiting for the Aggressors who left quite late that day at 9am.

Perfect photo spots

---- ---- ---- ----
---- ---- ---- ----

The sun was not that good anymore at that time, but we did not mind that much because a camerateam placed themselves directly in the line of sight for the frontview pictures that day. Furthermore the sun was not out at that moment as well.
Happy enough about the photos we have already taken the day before we changed our position to the southern side of the runway. Masses of F-4EJ Phantoms and F-15(D)J Eagles of all Nyutabaru based Squadrons flew that day and two T-4s from other bases visited the airfield as well. During midday it got a bit hazy but we continued shooting because all the aircraft departed with different configurations of tanks and training weapons. In the afternoon it got completely sunny again and we were able to shoot all aircraft in perfect light.

Phighter paradise

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Shortly before the Aggressors left for their second round in the afternoon we decided to change our position once more and move a bit more to the west in order to try to get them airborne. Unfortunately the starting direction was changed soon after we arrived there and we still only saw them during rotation. However at this spot there was a really nice green background and we got the possibility to see their camouflage from the other side.

Afternoon flight of the Aggressors

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